Carrot Top brings unique style to Turning Stone Resort & Casino

Carrot Top


A night filled with laughter awaits you at the Turning Resort & Casino Wednesday, Nov. 5. Carrot Top is bringing is unique style and comedic performance. The show starts at 8 p.m. in the Showroom. Tickets are $34 and $29. You can also purchase a meet and greet for $49. For tickets, call (877) 833-SHOW. The casino is located at 5218 Patrick Road, Verona, NY.

Becoming a pop culture icon is a difficult thing to achieve but Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson has done just that. With almost three decades of comedic performance in his rear view mirror, Carrot Top is one of the most popular, recognizable and successful comedians in America. After years of playing out to sold-out shows throughout the country, he has now become a Las Vegas icon as well, recently celebrating his eight years with the Luxor Resort and Casino, where he will perform through 2015.

“I have been performing in Vegas for many years and now I truly enjoy calling it home,” Carrot Top said. “Luxor is the perfect place for me – on The Strip in the most exciting city in the world. Vegas has become such a star-studded vacation destination for celebrities, where else could I be in the center of the biggest resource in the world for new material?”

The trademark red locks and the undeniably inventive use of props have vaulted Carrot Top to the level that most comedians can only hope to reach. “Nobody can steal my act,” says Carrot Top. “I’ve challenged comics to write me a prop and they can’t. All comedians can use plays on words or puns but writing a visual joke is something else. A rubber chicken isn’t enough. I have to write my own material and make my own props because no one sells what I do better than me. I’m happy not only that I have my own style but that I’ve been an original from the very start.”

Carrot Top went from working small clubs in the late 1980’s to becoming the highest grossing touring comedian in America by the late 1990’s. No comedian has ever presented a live show like his. A spectacle worthy of most rock bands, Carrot Top’s show is filled with lights, lasers, loud music, fog machines and flame and confetti cannons. “I went from two trunks and a strobe light to an 18-wheeler and 35 trunks full of props….from a Yugo to a tour bus for the crew and myself. I actually had to hire people to carry my props. It got pretty crazy pretty fast.”


[symple_box color=”blue” text_align=”center” width=”” float=”none”]If You Go:
What: Carrot Top
When: 8 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 5
Where: Turning Resort & Casino, 5218 Patrick Road, Verona, NY[/symple_box]

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