Bunny Rodeo benefits Spring Farm Cares


10245285_853252934700261_8496529806125101406_nThe holiday season is all about giving back to those in need. Well, now is your chance to help our little furry friends at the Annie’s Good Time Bunny Rodeo Benefit Show at 5 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 27 at The Tramontane Café, 1105 Lincoln Ave., Utica. Annie Tunnicliffe’s is hosting her 22nd birthday fundraiser to benefit Spring Farm Cares Animal Sanctuary.

Tunnicliffe was a volunteer at Spring Farm Cares before moving to Oregon and has been organizing and promoting local musical events since she was 16.

The night will be filled with music, games, raffles; and there will be artwork for sale by local artists. All proceeds will benefit the Spring Farm Cares Animal Sanctuary.

Some of the performers will include: Postcard Weather, Starting To Fall, Roger Smith, Ashleigh DeCarr, Chelsea Lee, Gustav and Cantera and more.

Annie Spring Farm Cares is located in Clinton, NY, and houses more than 250 animals including: horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, donkeys, and poultry. The farm also has a nature sanctuary of more than 250 acres.

Come out for a great night of music and entertainment all while supporting Spring Farm Cares. All you need is $2 to enter or a donated good for the sanctuary. A list of items can be found at at www.springfarmcares.org.


Annie Tunnicliffe took a moment to answer all the important questions that we want to know about the rodeo.

10172682_1011011695591050_5709759963367055068_nThis is your second year doing the benefit. Why do you come back to Utica and do the benefit for Spring Farm Cares when you live out of state?

This year I was coming back into New York for the holidays, I figured we had such a great turnout last year we should try it again! I have also wanted to experiment with planning an event being almost 3,000 miles away. It wasn’t easy not being able to do the footwork, but we have gotten a lot of sponsors and people who want to come support the cause. The Tramontane Cafe is an incredible place to hold events and they have always went above and beyond to support my fundraising efforts in everything I do, so it’s a perfect match.


How did you come up with the idea of doing a bunny rodeo?

Last year I turned 21, my birthday is the day right after Christmas. Instead of having a huge party or going out and drinking, I thought it would be better to support one of my favorite local causes, especially around this time of the year. I also was very into doing local shows a few years ago, so I like to tie that into my fundraising efforts. The benefit is actually for all of the animals at Spring Farm Cares, but as many people know I’m a huge bunny lover. The phrase was actually coined by my coworkers at the Tram, and it had a pretty awesome ring to it, so we rolled with it.


Will the main guest (the bunnies) be at the rodeo?

I wish! My two bunnies are back in Oregon with a bunny sitter. I would love to have something with rabbits present, but bunnies aren’t huge fans of live music and many of the ones at SFC have had a rough past. We also get a wide variety of people of all ages at the benefit, and many of them aren’t very rabbit-savvy or know how to properly handle them. Most bunnies don’t love cuddling like most people would expect them to and they’re easily afraid or very skittish. Anyone can however take a tour of Spring Farm Cares (or volunteer!) and get to know the wonderful buns they have there.


10411985_1011070642251822_51512462945991209_nWhat can people expect during the event?

Throughout the event we will have tremendous artists performing, such as Roger Smith, Postcard Weather, even Patrick Malowski of Atticus Finch (that was supposed to be a surprise..oops!) and many, many more. There will be a ton of raffles going on throughout the event, both baskets and a 50/50, including custom bunny rodeo soaps from local brand Dirty Ass Soaps! All night you will see donations piling up at the door, last year I was astounded by how many people brought in cat food, dog beds, and blankets (you can find a full list of donations at springfarmcares.com). People are very generous when it comes to bettering the lives of shelter animals. You can also expect excellent service, food, baked goods, and drinks from the Tram, which I will be shamelessly indulging in all night.


Will you be accepting donation items the night of the event and will all the proceeds benefit Spring Farm Cares?

Yes and yes! Last year we raised just over $800 and brought a van full of donations up to Spring Farm Cares, I hope to surpass that this year. Anyone who wants to donate but is unable to attend the event can also drop off donations any time at the Tram, whether it be for the animals or for the raffles. The donations have already started rolling in and I’m so excited to see how much we can give to them this Saturday!

So, if you are looking for something to do Saturday and want help our furry little friends stop by The Tram for the Annie’s Good Time Bunny Rodeo Benefit Show.


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What: Annie’s Good Time Bunny Rodeo Benefit Show
When: 5 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 27
Where: The Tramontane Café, 1105 Lincoln Ave., Utica[/symple_box]

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