Brew Ha Ha draws brew lovers out to support Rome Hospital Foundation

Melissa Walker


This year’s Brew Ha Ha brought to all thirsty attendees by the Rome Hospital Foundation was a raging success!  Every single aspect of the experience was as close to perfect as one could ever expect at an event of this size.  Anyone who missed it and is a fan of craft beer and music should strongly consider supporting the event next year.

Team Fuze arrived shortly after the start of the event and in the twilight we could still see and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of trees and hillsides that Woods Valley, the event venue, has to offer.  It was serene and laid back and set the tone well for the evening.  Entry was easy and seamless, we presented our tickets and were wrist banded, provided with our adorable commemorative tasting glasses, and continued up the stairs to where the action was.

Lightly decorated in a fall theme, the main upstairs room housing most of the tasting tables was well arranged with tables lining the edges of the room and many demonstratives detailing the brews available to sample.  The strains of Jon Liebing floated in the air, not softly, but not loudly enough to hinder conversation or questions and answers about the fare to be tasted.  On each table, a printed flier further detailed each selection including the brewery each originated from and a short description of both beers’ flavor profile and also other notable information on the beer or brewery.

Everyone serving the tasters was incredibly open and friendly and we found them to be extremely accommodating to our endless picture snapping and rearranging of their tables.  Everything was very clean and user friendly.  If you’ve attended many tasting events you know how rare that is- it’s so difficult to keep liquid where you put it after all.  But at the Brew Ha Ha, each table had a receptacle to deposit any unwanted portion of your current selection of beer (yeah, right!) and also mason jars of water for glass rinsing!  If you truly are a beer connoisseur, something like that is essential to really be able to taste each beer and isolate the character.  Even better than having them available, we were encouraged to use them by the volunteers and assured that no one minded bussing the tables to replenish or replace as needed.  These small touches were the icing on the cake, the extra finesse that takes an event over the top.

Lawn games were happening outside behind the lodge while people mingled and tastes were available to be had at the lounge bar and in both of the rooms upstairs so there was plenty to choose from.  Teddy’s served up many plates of delicious chicken riggies and some other food was also available for sampling.  It was nice to enjoy a tasty meal and beverage while listening to the always smart sets by Jon Liebing.  He always plays a selection of music that is crowd pleasing with enough deep cuts dripping with nostalgia to turn heads and raise the energy in the space.  It’s a pleasure every time.  All these aspects together created quite a vortex of wonderful at Woods Valley, indeed.

I hope this feature somehow does justice to what a good time it truly was at the Rome Hospital Foundation’s Brew Ha Ha.  I know it will be an event I attend annually and Team Fuze is poised and ready for the next one!  It was so great to meet you all and we hope you peek in the photos to see if you’re in the mix.


Love and hops,

Melissa L. Walker
-The Fuze Magazine

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