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Fans have been asking for a platform for our favorite local bands to strut their stuff on stage and 95X Locals Only heard you loud and clear. They have teamed up with Turning Stone Resort & Casino and created Bands and Brews that takes place generally on the second Thursday of every month. This month edition features powerhouse Endless Circles along with specials guests Jeremiah’s Razor and Shiver. The magic starts at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 19 at The Gig at Exit 33. And, the best part it’s free!  The casino is located at 5218 Patrick Road in Verona.

We would like to thank Endless Circles for taking time out of the schedules to answer a few questions!


Fuze: Has it been hard breaking into the CNY music scene?
Endless Circles: It’s different because of the music organization in our area. We are a new breed of band with few other bands being similar to our genre but that allows us to expose ourselves to other potential fans from people interested in other local bands.


Fuze: What can people expect at your show?
Endless Circles: To be blown away at how we approach music. It’s new, it’s endless and it will leave you listening to it in circles.


Fuze: Who was the brainchild of Endless Circles?
Endless Circles: It was the aftermath of One Old Ghost. The four of us just happened to be in the band room after members had dropped out and had possessed the will, technology and passion to create this music.


Fuze: If you could play with one band who would that be?
Endless Circles: Nine Inch Nails would be the biggest mainstream band we could share a show with that is similar to our style but Combichrist is all of our guilty pleasure to do business with.


Fuze: Do you have any upcoming projects?
Endless Circles: The aforementioned One Old Ghost will never die (it’s a ghost). But our synth player (Travis DeRuby aka “DeRubix”) has been dabbling in the EDM music as of late and plenty of songs coming up soon.


Fuze: Having a female lead vocalist – Does this help or hinder the bands appeal?
Endless Circles: A female vocalist has always, traditionally turned heads. It’s one our biggest compliments we receive from our fans.


Fuze: What can bands themselves do to help rebuild a dwindling original music scene in CNY?
Endless Circles: The best thing for any local band is to “band” together with other local projects that share a genre. Music scouts are always looking for multiple talents they pick up together. The metal core scene in the northeast is a prime example of how the domino effect can happen once one band makes the spotlight. Also, being active in any music outlet; whether it is the local radio station, festivals, benefits and even the online community has been proven to drive your music into the minds of the masses.


Fuze: Can you name something funky you guys do as a group away from playing music?
Endless Circles: We wake up every morning and proceed to breathe air for 24 hours a day whilst walking through the routine of mundane existence just so we can support our music habits. We are a rare breed.


Fuze: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Endless Circles: Chuck Norris.


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