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Everyone comes home, but Andrew Horn took to his guitar and wrote a song about where he was raised – the area he calls his home … Utica, NY. Horn now resides in Boston, Ma but has never forgotten his roots in Utica. The song is simply named “Utica” and has gained attention through social media and now he is coming home again to perform his hit song with his Utica family. Andrew Horn will be performing at 7 p.m., Saturday, March 26 at The Tramontane Café located at 1105 Lincoln Ave., Utica. Ironically one of the first places he performed was Virgo Bat & Leo Phrog’s that was owned by Robin Raabe of The Tram. Horn will be mixing in some country hits with his originals. The night will be filled with music not only by Horn but other friends including Ms. Rebecca Turner and Mr. Joseph Vandresar. So, grab your friends and celebrate your love of music and Utica at The Tram. And, it will only cost $5. Not bad for a night full of music.

Team Fuze would like to thank Andrew Horn for taking the time to chat with us about his song he wrote about his hometown “Utica.”

Fuze: What inspired you to write the song “Utica”?
Horn: Well this song deals with my difficult relationship with the city. I grew up here, 27 years and felt frustrated from time to time as a musician and eventually moved to Boston to begin X-ray school. It was my time in Boston that allowed me to reminisce on my hometown and work through all the thoughts and feelings towards it. Eventually I reached a place of joy and understanding that my hometown is my home for better or worse and once you’re removed from that place for a little bit, you can start to appreciate it more. It’s a place where my family lives and I am always happy to come home to see them. As a transplant in Boston, my story is unwritten but back home, I don’t need to be anyone else but myself, it’s a place where I can rest and just “be known”. There’s a special bond with your hometown when you know each street and hidden treasure intimately. It was very therapeutic to be able to express both my honesty with lyrics like “I could be heard yelling the words I hate it here” but eventually reach that conclusion of peace with the lines “I know a city that loves me back, with open doors when I’m under attack.”

Fuze: Were you surprised how much attention it received?
Horn: I literally posted the video while at work and then just went to bed that night thinking nothing of it. I woke up to requests for radio interviews, texts and missed calls. I was like “what did I do?” Then I checked the Facebook music page and saw all the likes and comments and was overjoyed that the music had reached so many friends and family back home. The video has received over 150k views on Facebook, hundreds of shares and over a thousand likes, by far my best response to date. But the thing that makes me happiest was the comments section under the video. People didn’t just post things like “nice job” or  “I recognize those locations in the video,” people started posting their own stories and memories of Utica whether lifelong residents and those who moved away years ago but still remember the city fondly and feel the tug of home to this day. It’s so wonderful to see and hear positive vibes being directed towards the city and I’m glad I could be a part of that in a small way.


Fuze: When did you leave Utica and where are you now?
Horn: I moved in 2012 to Boston, MA and have lived here for the past 3 years.


Fuze: Where was the first place you ever played in Utica?
Horn: I made a habit out of catching the bus or a ride down to Virgo Bats and Leo Frogs where Tailor and the Cook is now. I loved that place, it felt like a little club where everyone could hang out and be weird. They had a weekly open mic there and I can fondly remember a number of less than stellar performances there but it was great cuz I was learning to be on stage and sing and play.


Fuze: Name your Utica favorite places:
Pizza– Boy that has be a rotating choice because there is so many great places and I think I’ve tried them all. Charlies Pizza in Washington Mills has always made a stellar chicken wing pizza, something other parts of the country (Boston) do very differently unfortunately for me.
Coffee – The Tram because I still enjoy the comfortable vibe. Owners Robin and Garret have always made it an inviting and welcoming place that supports Utica and the arts.
Greens – I’m a Georgio’s guy when it comes to Greens and Chicken Riggies but also something I love to try at other places when I’m out. I like my riggies HOT and Spicy, I like to sweat.
Hangout spot– When I was younger I liked The Electric Company, now shots. I liked the live music and I always performed there a few times. Over the last few years I’d have to say Forrest Hill Cemetery in South Utica. It has huge 100 year old trees and old graves with a beautiful layout and landscaping. I would go up there to write, think and just listen and dream about my future. Something about the dead reminds and encourages you to live life now. The cemetery also wraps around to the top of the Parkway Ski Hill, hence why I included it in the music video.


Fuze: What is your favorite song you have written and why?
Horn: I think Utica might be my fav if not top 3 for personal reasons, it’s my song. If someone wanted to get to know me real fast, I’d tell them to go listen to Utica. I like to refer to it as my origin song. Also my favorite part is the opening verse, my mother told me my father teared up when heard those lines “my daddy was waiting on me, 3 daughters and now a son.” I remember growing up, my dad would always remind me I was his only son and I could always sense in pride in me which gets me choked up a bit too.


Fuze: What can people expect at your upcoming performance at The Tramontane Cafe?
Horn: I’m just happy to be home, I want to have a nice night of music, see some old friends and make some new ones. I’m gonna sing a mix of my originals as well as some current modern country covers.


Fuze: Where can people find your music?
Horn: Anywhere! On my website, iTunes and my favorite- Spotify.

Fuze: Any big projects on the horizon?
Horn: I’m trying to put together a modern country cover band at the moment but in the meantime I am halfway done with studio vocals for a modern country cover album. It will be 10 songs from 10 different current artists, something fun that people can listen to and enjoy. I’ll probably make a music video or two to support the album, I love staying active and engaging the online audience with pictures and content like that.


Fuze: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Horn: I see myself doing exactly what I’m doing now. Playing, creating, recording and writing music for me to express myself and for others to enjoy and identify with. And, traveling around the world. So far I have been to 49 US states and 6 countries. I hope to be much further down the road in 10 years. I love travel because I’m naturally curious and interested in what’s unknown to me. I really also like the idea of becoming a more global and open minded person.



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