Adirondack Ice Bowl brings hockey to the outdoors

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HOCKEY“There are hundreds of lakes in the Adirondacks that serve outdoor revelers in droves during warmer weather, but once that water freezes over; all eyes turn to a single lake for a very special weekend.

This year, the 2015 Adirondack Ice Bowl begins Friday, Jan. 24 and ends Sunday, Jan. 25 on Fourth Lake in Inlet; an annual hockey tournament not just for the locals, but also a highlight that attracts teams and spectators from all over the nation and beyond. But why head up north when there’s always a hockey game within a stone’s throw of home?

Unlike your garden variety hockey where you’re behind tall sheets of glass or up in the stands far from the action, the pond classic puts you right in thick of it where you can literally high five players and feel the power as they skate by or cringe as the shin-high boards stop a puck that was intent on taking out your dental work. If you stick around into the evening hours too, there’s something surreal about watching hockey under the lights while the snow falls with the Adirondack dark just beyond.

HOCKEY2The first puck drops early on Friday morning and for twelve straight hours 48 teams on four rinks duke it out for supremacy under potentially brutal sub-zero conditions, all of which is repeated the following day for the surviving teams. Only a single team can be crowned pond champions, but most players are excited just to be a part of the showdown, not to mention the tradition.

While refreshments of all kinds can be found rink side, if your beer can keeps freezing to your lips, warm up indoors with your hosts at The Woods Inn or its adjoining heated tent to enjoy the live music which you heard wafting across the ice.

As it has for decades past, this long weekend must come to a close and each year has its own surprises, so don’t wait for 2016. Take the short drive up north this Friday morning to enjoy some ‘real’ hockey with some of the most real people that you’ll ever meet in pretty much the most beautiful back yard around.”



Entertainment Schedule:


Friday, Jan. 23 under the Pavilion at the Woods Inn:

3:30 p.m. – Dueling Pianos (Woods Inn Dining Room)

5 p.m. – Double Barrel

9 p.m. – Stage Road


1 p.m. – Molly & Jeff, Pavilion

3:30 p.m. – Dueling Piano’s, Woods Inn Dining Room

4 p.m. – Syracuse Basketball – Pavilion & Ice Bar
Cornhole Competition – Pavilion (sign up in the Woods Inn lobby)

9 p.m. – Last Left, Pavilion

The Pavilion is located at the Woods Inn. It’s their new structure that is replacing the party tent.

Woods Inn is located at 148 N. Route 28 in Inlet.


Links for the event:

Complete schedule:



Shuttle service:


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