Aaron Lewis shows the Turning Stone Casino why he’s a Country Boy


Aaron LewisOn a night once you arrived at The Turning Stone Casino and Resort to watch Aaron Lewis perform, all you immediately seen was guys and girls in their favorite country style garb on with smiling faces. We instantly knew this was going to be a special evening in the TS Showroom. The crowd was at full capacity once everyone filed in to take their seats as you would expect at one of Aaron’s shows. The event room was buzzing with anticipation awaiting their favorite country boy to start the evening. From the very moment Aaron stepped on stage the crowd was drawn to his words and they were full of energy.

Lewis led out with his originals right from the start such as “Granddaddy’s Gun,” “Country Boy” and Aaron Lewis“Forever.” The crowd erupted with applause during and after each song. Some of the most noticeable things we seen and heard was how well produced the show was with state of the art sound and lighting provided by the casino in the Showroom, it was if you were standing in front of the stage no matter where you sat. Aaron continued with his old style of Country music which included a song called “Northern Redneck” that sent an already amped up crowd over the top with enthusiasm. Another thing we noticed was how well Aaron can take his voice that includes a rasp all the way up the scale and then slowly back down quite like no other male singer can.

Lewis in between songs made small talk with the crowd and cracked jokes that would leave the most uptight person teary eyed with laughter! Towards the middle of the show Lewis played classic covers of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted” and Alice In Chains “Rooster” that effortlessly fit his persona and voice perfectly. At the end of the show we happened to look over and see two guys wearing trucker hats holding up a yellow flag that said “Don’t Tread On Me” with a snake emblem on it to salute Lewis for his support of the military and its Veterans. Going into the last part of the show Lewis led in with fan favorites from his time with Staind “Right Here” and “It’s Been A While” giving them both a twist of his inner country boy. For the last part of the show Lewis interacted with the crowd and gave them an opportunity to choose the closing song of either “So Far Away” or “Outside” by the sound of their cheers. While he was making a decision Lewis taunted the crowd playfully saying he wasn’t going to play the winner “Outside” because he’s played it at almost every show for 15 years…The crowd laughed and clapped. Lewis left it up to one fan in the front row of what he was going to play and she stated… “ I want to hear Simple Man” Lewis replied…”That was Shinedown” and laughed! Needless to say the crowd and Team Fuze left the event hearing what we all wanted.

We have included links below for the Aaron’s “It Takes A Community Foundation”, his upcoming event in NYS and a photo gallery from our experience at Turning Stone Casino that night on April, 3rd 2015. Speaking from all of us at The Fuze Magazine, we cannot wait till Aaron returns to Lake George, NY on June 6th for the Americade Concert Series. See everyone at the next show!



Eric Hall
The Fuze Magazine






Americade website for the concert series also: http://americade.com/index.php/events-sidebar/concerts

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