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Jim WrightThere are not many times that one gets the pleasure of sitting down to interview a Rock-n-Roll icon who is slowly transitioning himself into a completely different genre of music such as Country music. I got a chance to talk to Aaron Lewis the man himself about his upcoming shows, family, not-for-profit organization and much more. The thing that stuck out and struck me the most was how down to earth and humble Aaron is! Aaron Lewis will be hitting the stage Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4 at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino Showroom, 5218 Patrick Road, Verona. Music kicks off at 8 p.m.


Hall: I would like to thank you for sitting down with The Fuze Magazine and taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to us and Upstate NY! Today we are going to be asking a few questions and touching base on your upcoming shows at Turning Stone Casino on April 3rd & April 4th.


Hall: Listening to your music instantly connects listeners to who Aaron Lewis is…For myself listening to “Country Boy” & “Granddaddy’s Gun” took me back to my youth…Other than fishing or building tree forts…What moment do you remember the most that made you a Country Boy? For me it was riding on my grandfather’s tractor…How about for you?

Lewis: Wow, that’s a good question…It was all about the things you mentioned and others such as hunting, fishing, and especially going down to the farm…There’s nothing like the smell of fresh cow sh@T (Lewis laughs)


Hall: With so many genres of music leaning towards a more modern/mainstream approach to writing & selling music, how do you try to set yourself apart from other similar acts while staying true to your original goals and keeping and older style of Country music alive?

Lewis: I believe in the original style of Country and that it should sound like Country Music and not some other genre. That’s what makes it feel real to myself and the listeners.


Hall: In the video “Country Boy” you worked with Country Legends such as the late-great George Jones & Charlie Daniels…What was it like working with them and do you plan on working with more Country greats in the future?

Lewis: What can I say George Jones was an amazing and very talented musician with a unique sound all to his own. It was a privilege and an honor to have worked with him! Charlie Daniels also was a pleasure to work with. What else can I say about the man, he has had a successful career that has spanned many decades.


Hall: Now I have gotten a chance to read up and learn more about the “It Takes A Community Foundation” that you & your wife Vanessa started…Can you tell our viewers a little bit about this not-for-profit…and is it just going to be a Massachusetts/New England program or will it reach further to communities in places such Upstate NY and others in the future?

Lewis: ITACF began when my wife and I joined with neighbors in our small adopted home town to keep the doors of our community school open after state funding was eliminated due to district consolation. ITACF started out as something very personal and close-to-home, but is morphing into something bigger. If we can make a difference in our little corner of Massachusetts, couldn’t we give additional worthy organizations in our area a similar leg up? We have seen first-hand the necessity for smaller communities to have a voice and to determine their own local needs and priorities. My wife and I are extremely happy and proud that the R.H. Conwell School is reopening as a public elementary school and we’re excited to expand the foundation because there is a lot of hurting rural communities out there and we want to take on new projects.

Right now we are just based in the New England area, but if we are blessed enough we would like to reach out to other rural communities elsewhere in the future.


Hall: Now listening to the song “Forever”…You have traveled thousands of miles and played MANY venues and been away from your family a lot…Do you make more time to get back to your family now that the kids are getting older ?

Lewis: Absolutely! I have played many years in the Rock scene and now furthering my Country career crisscrossing the country…the years keep going by faster and faster being on the road hundreds of days a year moving from one venue to the next. Family is one of the most important things in my life right now.


Hall: Now with the show coming up at the Turning Stone Casino…What are you looking forward to the most…because for us in CNY it’s like family coming home because it’s become an annual event?

Lewis: It is like coming home! I have been coming to the Upstate NY area for a long time now and the fans are so receptive no matter what kind of music I am playing and the casino itself is a great venue to play at. One of these days I would like to take a couple extra days to go salmon fishing up in the Adirondacks.


Hall: We now have a couple Fuze viewer questions:

Fuze Reader: Now that you have proven yourself successful in Rock & Country…Do you feel one or the other best suits who you are inside or are they both just as important to who Aaron Lewis is inside?

Lewis: Well that’s a tough question…In my early years playing Rock and traveling the across the states was more of who I was in the beginning but it was time consuming and rough…It takes a toll on you after a while. Now at this stage of my life Country fits me more. I find myself slowing down and enjoy more things in life such as family and outdoor activities, but I have always been a country boy at heart.

Fuze Reader: Throughout the years writing songs…Were they songs that applied to your experiences at the moment or were a majority of them based off of your travels in the past?

Lewis: Well it is a combination of both. Throughout life you experience many things including past & present.


Hall: Last but not least I’m dying to know myself…Being from Massachusetts…Are you a Boston Red Sox fan?

Lewis: Of course I am! I follow other sports and living in the New England area it’s hard not to follow the Pat’s or Red Sox. I think if I didn’t, there would be a lynch mob coming for me. (Lewis laughs)


I would like to thank Aaron Lewis once again for sitting down with The Fuze Magazine to let us get up close and personal with him. We cannot wait to see you at the show!


Eric Hall
The Fuze Magazine

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