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Aaron Lewis - James Suits Photography - The Fuze Magazine (9)“What a sad state of affairs I’m in. ‘Cause I’m trying to compete where I don’t fit in.”  These are the opening lines of ‘Sinner,’ the latest country album from Staind vocalist Aaron Lewis.  Although this may not be the genre the singer is best known for, his music is no less passionate or impressive than his rock releases.  The first song on the record is the title track “Sinner,” a harmonica infused toe tapper that features legendary icon Willie Nelson.   It also kicks off the overall tone of the album, which focuses on Lewis coming to terms with his shortcomings, and trying to be the best man he can be.  “I’m a sinner,” he cries, “to my core.  I ask forgiveness and nothing more.”  This song is pure heart, and the inclusion of a legend such as Willie really speaks to Lewis’ desire to stay true to his roots and keep his country authentic.  In fact, the singer references this longing in the track “Ain’t That Country,” as well as “Northern Redneck,” which could easily be the anthem of so many farmers, hunters, and outdoorsmen right here in our North Country.  Lewis is every man, woman and child who grew up on a tractor when he sings, “We all got dirt on our hands.  This is the song of the working man.  There’s rednecks south of the Mason Dixon.”  This line might get lost among some, but will really resonate among the country lovers who live in the North.

Another gem comes in the form of “Traveling Soldier,” a heartbreaking tale of a young woman who comes to know and love a soldier who sadly meets an untimely death.  The Dixie Chicks cover features Lewis on guitar and backing vocals, but it’s his daughter, 14 year old Zoe, who takes the lead, belting out beautiful vocals that are equal parts innocence and sorrow.  Its all the more fitting when one considers that children Zoe’s age were born into a war that is still raging on, making the choice to have her sing the song a brilliant and heartfelt one.

Whether he’s country croonin’ or rocking out heavy, one thing remains constant in all of Aaron’s albums: He’s a soulful singer who is simply trying to connect with listeners and find himself in the process.  The fantastic thing about performers like Lewis is that they do not limit their music in the same way they don’t limit their emotions.   It’s love, passion, pain and fear that connect us all, and “Sinner” reflects that masterfully.


Aaron Lewis 4-1-1
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