A Night with Edisun


You know, all of us hear a lot of stories about rock musicians and their egos and self-indulgent ways. We all imagine them splashing us with a dose of superiority. With this being said, it was absolutely refreshing to be in the presence of the band Edisun, a real hard working band hailing from Norwalk, CT. The date was Nov. 8th, and the venue was Monirae’s Casual Dining and Entertainment in Pennellville, NY just fifteen minutes from Syracuse. If you have never been to Monirae’s, you need to go there and catch a show.

Anyway, this particular night I was proud to have a chance to interview Edisun and ask them questions about themselves, their musical influences, as well as their extensive touring overseas while entertaining our American troops. First and foremost before I could get into any interviewing, I had to see this band rock the stage live, and rock it they did. With great heavy guitar tones and soaring vocals, Edisun gave the crowd a real treat as they performed their hits Wide Awake, Medicate, and Ready to Believe, as well as a few surprise covers including the classic Zeppelin song Whole Lotta Love which they performed brilliantly. Not only did Edisun wow us with their musicianship, they also proved to be very down to earth humble individuals who really deserve all of the accolades that they have achieved.

At the end of the interview, Edisun even gave us a real treat by performing acoustically right from their tour bus. Watch for Edisun to be headlining shows soon, and if they come to your area, check them out, well worth the price of admission.

Greg Truax
The Fuze Magazine





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