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Days of the New


Looking to spice up your week? Missing live music on a Thursday night? Then check out this night filled with powerful rock with Days of the New, Nineball, Mobday and Into the Shadow at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 9 at Oneonta Theatre, 47 Chestnut St, Oneonta, NY. Tickets range from $20-$50 and can be purchased at http://oneontatheatre.frontgatetickets.com/choose.php?a=1&lid=96876&eid=108227


Days of the New

Featuring Charlie Colin of Train! writer of hit songs like “Drops of Jupiter”
The first DAYS OF THE NEW album was released in 1997, immediately selling 1.5 million copies worldwide. Three songs from this album were hits: “Touch, Peel and Stand,” “The Down Town,” and “Shelf in the Room.”
The first was No. 1 on Billboard’s Rock Chart for 17 weeks; “The Down Town” and “Shelf in the Room” were each top 40 hits.”Enemy” is also a Radio favorite. “Touch, Peel and Stand” is still consider one of the most successful videos of all time on MTV and VH-1.
Travis’s second album “Green,” the album sold 450,000 copies. It had two hit singles, the first was “Enemy” which reached No. 2 on Mainstream Rock Charts and No. 10 on Modern Rock Charts 4 and then the second was “Weapon and the Wound” which reached No. 10 on Mainstream Rock Chart.

Nineball is an original, Alternative/Rock band from Utica, NY taking the region by storm.

Formed in 2009, Nineball rose to the top of the independent music scene in the Central New York area with an army of fans behind them.

Nineball has shared the stage with National Recording artist such as Fuel, Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilot’s, Drowning Pool, Boy Hits Car, Nonpoint, Cavo, Evans Blue, and Story of the Year.

The backbone of Nineball is its rhythm section. Scott Henderson on bass work together with their drummer and off each other to give this band’s sound great movement and a deep low end. Dallas Sheppard’s alternatively driving and melodic approach on guitar rounds things out and adds color to support Joe Sweet’s present and confident vocals. The band is tight, aggressive and professional and Sweet is a consummate front man who can command a crowd.

Nineball will remind you of all of the rock bands you love and most importantly, they’ll come to be one of the rock bands you love.


Mobday was founded in 2005 with one goal in mind – to create heavy, melodic, hard-driving music and combine it with the most frenetic stage show you will ever see. Since then, through hard work and perseverance, they have gone through the ranks and have become one of the most sought after bands with the most recognized sound in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania. Known for their intense, high energy live shows, Mobday has continues their meteoric rise in the NE music scene.

They have shared the stage with multiple National acts including Burning Human, Brand New Sin, Stemm, HURT, Smile Empty Soul and Trendkill and more. They have also toured with New York sensations Ledyard, Elevator Death Squad and Ruination.

IntoShadowInto Shadow

Hailing from Central NY, Into Shadow is a band focused on delivering heavy grooves, infectious melodies and striving for an exciting balance between the metal and rock worlds.

The idea for Into Shadow was born by sheer luck. Tyler Logan (drums) and Juan Canteli (guitar) were in a band at the time that shared a bill with Max Scialdone’s then band (vocals). After exchanging a few emails and ideas, Max and Juan decided to throw a few songs together as a fun, no pressure side project. Before long though, nearly 30 songs were written and the idea to do a full album was set into motion. Over the course of the next year and a half songs were emailed back and forth, hour long drives were made between houses, and eventually they narrowed the songs down to the final 11 tracks that would ultimately be on the upcoming ‘Unknown Darkness’ record.

It was at this point that the stars aligned and Tyler Logan (who was living in California for much of the writing) moved back to NY and was quickly enlisted adding is his flawless percussive wizardry to what had already become a daunting album to record.

Recently, Into Shadow released their debut album “Unknown Darkness” to an sold our crowd at The Oneonta Theatre in upstate NY. The band is currently supporting this release and gearing up for many shows starting in the Northeastern US. The album is available online at all retailers including ITUNES, and AMAZON

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