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Kayla and the Tellers


A post-Turkey Day hometown throwdown with Scott Danger Bravo, Kayla and the Tellers, and Carbon Dioxide takes place The Dev on Friday, Nov. 28th starting at 8 p.m. for the extremely low cover of $3, making it the best “Black Friday” deal you’ll get this year.

Ah, the holidays, when friends and family collide and all the chicks come home to roost.  Welcome to those festive times and also to the fall/winter entertainment season! Grab a loved one or two and drag them out to wash down their still digesting food masses to the varied and eclectic artists comprising this show.  Let’s give each their holiday do and spread a little love into the season.

Scott Danger Bravo will be returning to CNY after an extended hiatus and relocation to the NYC area where he has been only sharpening his wit and musical craft.  A delightful amalgamation of juxtaposition, Bravo’s classical inspired instrumental music belies his constant self-effacing/self-aggrandizing behavior both on and off the stage. Bravo reminds us it’s all in good fun, and that’s life!  Courageously vulnerable, explicitly precise, hysterically funny, he becomes a paradoxical whirlwind before audiences’ very eyes.  Excited to be returning home for this highly anticipated holiday show, SDB says, “Does The Dev have bouncers?”  Isn’t his concern for your safety touching, Utica? But he’ll tell you all about how outlandish he is, I’m here to tell you what an excellent musician he is.  Rare is a talent like SDB, one who without a word can reach inside and move you.  Sometimes the music is sweet, lilting, and thematic.  Sometimes roots of hard rock shredding tangle in movements with instrumental recitatives, quietly and tactfully moving the listener from high point of intensity, speaking a language as old as melody and rhythm.  You might not expect such deftness from songs with titles like Don’t Get Stabby with the Cabby, but that is what you will get, and you will like it very much or we’ll be busting out equipment to check your pulse.



Kayla and the Tellers are simply sweeping the local scene at the moment on a wave of rave reviews.  Kayla McMahon, Francis Optional Eel, Jen Mascaro and Jason Roberts collectively create an aura of indie rock while staying very true to Kayla’s singer/songwriter roots.  Kayla’s stage presence is passionate but still serene with confidence that comes from being in your element.  Her voice soars with resonance.  The rest just flows around her, with an effortlessness that speaks to real enjoyment and not taking one’s self too seriously.  Magic bubbles up and crowds have been captivated and complimentary of the group as they emerge as something to take notice of in our musical community.  The songwriting deserves additional comment for being exemplary.  The band has created a great set of original music that stands alone from the few covers as being hits in their own right.  Catching a Tellers set makes it a good bet that you’ll be back for more.  I mean, there’s a violin involved.  How could you go wrong?!



Carbon=Dioxide will also be returning to Utica from their now home of Washington, DC.  An unusual duo, CD fuses an Americana sound with, dare I say it, the early moments of the early indie low-fi style.  Their insightful lyrics that tell stories and evoke emotion.  I’m listening to Emerald City from the band’s Bandcamp page as I say this.  The music is easy going and deep, catchy and slightly quirky with a smattering of great vocabulary, something I always appreciate.  You can take a listen to much of the duo’s content on their soundcloud page and I encourage you to do so before you haul out to The Dev!


Now is a good time to mention that all of the acts on this bill are brilliantly just similar enough to meld and different enough to make this a night with something for everyone.  While there are several things happening around the city on Nov. 28th, The Dev is certainly a sure bet for a good time.  Whatever you choose, I hope your night is full of friends and family.

Melissa Walker
The Fuze Magazine

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