A night of magic with Shaun Robison

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Utica Brews presents “A night of Magic, Dinner and a show” with magician Shaun Robison and a savory dinner buffet at 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 22. Utica Brews is located at 809 Court St. Utica. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. For tickets, call 733-0533.

Come join us not just for the dinner buffet, but to experience a play on the mind. With Shaun’s 20 plus years of experience you might walk away questioning your sanity. Curiosity comes in all kinds: humor, illusion and even small tricks on the mind can leave you in wonder.

Shaun has even shared his gift of magic with Leon who has appeared on Americas Got Talent. With possible announcement of Shaun appearing on the big stage on Americas Got talent, come enjoy a local show before he hits the big screen.

Get to know you magician before the show.

What sparked your interest in magic?

I was 8 and got home from school to find my grandmother watching a movie on TV. It was HOUDINI with Tony Curtis. So I sat and watched it with her. The next day I went to school and asked my librarian about books on Houdini. So I got that book and another small book on how to do magic tricks. Then after watching Doug Henning and David Copperfield on TV and feeling such wonder I knew this was it for me. When I turned 16 I met my future mentor. He was a retired professional who used to work and teach magic in Hollywood. Walter Cummings, known as THE PRINCE OF CARDS he was the head instructor at the prestigious Chávez School of Magic and his job was also to help actors learn sleight of hand for their movies. Come to find out, he taught Tony Curtis magic for the movie Houdini. A sign if I ever saw one!

What do I believe was your first magic trick?

I learned my first real magic trick from my Sunday school teacher Mike Benson. He showed me three different size pieces of rope and showed how to “magically” make them all the same size. Then he showed me his pocket knife. He shows it black on both sides and all of a sudden he had made it change into a white knife. I owe him a lot and still see him today. I usually thank him whenever I see him.

What inspired you to train Leon Etienne in illusion?

When I was first introduced to my teacher, Walter Cummings, he saw an intense desire in me and taught me everything he knew and never charged me a penny. I would walk to his office almost every day. Sometimes in the rain and snow and all he ever asked for was to give the art of magic the respect it deserves. Leon came to our local magic club at 12 years old and I saw I’m him the same desire I had. So I taught Leon as much as I could and never charged a penny. I am very proud of all of his accomplishments.

What do I believe sets you apart from other magicians?

Every true magician has a desire to perform for people. Let’s face it magic is for people for… without people it would be magic. It would just be someone fiddling around with a deck of cards. What sets me apart from other magicians is the fact that I love to have a deeper connection with people. Not just to do a card trick but to make them feel that astonishment they felt as a child when they lifted their pillow and found money where there was just a tooth the night before. I want people to laugh and love. The world is tough enough as it. I hope that what I do makes them forget about everything around them for a few minutes and just enjoy the artist and the company that he connects with. I hope to let everyone know that without an imagination life doesn’t exist. It ends. Never stop wondering never stop playing never think you are too old to skip down the street with a little kid. Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional.


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What: “A night of Magic, Dinner and a show” with magician Shaun Robison
When: 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 22
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