A feel good concert at Westcott


I’m still recovering from the fantastic Tribal Seeds concert. It has been three and a half years since they dropped their last studio album, Representing (2104) which charted on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums.

Arriving a little before the show I was able to catch some of the Expanders refreshing reggae style after parking a ways away. It was a warm Thursday evening in January for CNY, being about 56 degrees. A little different than Southern California where  The five-piece band comprised of John Asher (Drums, Vocals), John Butcher (Guitar, Vocals), Roy Fishell (Organs), Chiquis Lozoya (Bass, Vocals), and Devin Morrison (Guitar, Vocals) have been making fans take note of their magical sounds since 2003 when they got together. The Expanders music is centered in three-part vocal harmonies and strong song writing, with lyrics that range from socially heavy to playful and upbeat.

When the Original Wailers hit the stage it was everything I anticipated. They did a quick sound check and filled the room with sweet reggae music, opening with “I Shot the Sheriff.” I positioned myself near the sound booth but the Wailers urged everyone to move closer and insisted everyone sing along. The Original Wailers carry forward the spirit and message of irie. Al Anderson is a songwriter and guitarist, Howard Smith (Drummer), Chet Samuels (Lead Vocals, Guitar), and Rohan Reid (Bassist) jammed together at Westcott Theater. Out of every music genre I have gone to live, reggae is my favorite due to the joyful people, positive energy, and the ability to dance our stressors away. Reid played a no tuning bass guitar and Smith, from Jamaica, had a good balance of attack, resonance, depth and control of the drums.

Dreamlike, the rock-reggae band, Tribal Seeds performed and took the crowd on a party trip all the way from San Diego with their latest EP called Roots Party, released December 1. The rock infused and spiritually motivated reggae group is comprised of Steven Rene Jacobo (Lead Singer), Tony-Ray Jacobo (Keyboards, Vocals, and Producer), Victor Navarro (Bass), Carlos Verdugo (Drums), E.N. Young (keyboards/vocals), and Ryan Gonzo (Guitar, Vocals). They all had excellent energy! Besides the playful lighting of red, blue, green, orange, and yellow and fun transitions, I must note E.N Young’s astonishing melodic skills. I was blown away by his ability to jump from one end of the stage to the other, sing flawlessly, and play multiple instruments, all without skipping a beat or messing up. What an experienced and passionate musician? Absolutely a must see! The opener “Aroma” sets the listener to feel musically lifted.  What else do you need for the perfect night? It’s more than nice to have the one special person you love at your side. But Tribal Seeds brought the musical fire! Roots Party, the title track and number three on this EP release, maintains the higher level of thought. More unity and less hate they present their values in life and the idea of spending the perfect night with irie people. They live, love, and breathe reggae music! That’s dedication. Tribal Seeds left their stamp on me; their music is general easy-going, smooth roots sound and entirely positive. Tribal Seeds EP release remains true to the band’s style and values, hopefully, a follow up in the form of a full-length album is coming for an extended roots party.


 Tribal Seeds Roots Party EP

Gunsmoke featuring Protoje
Roots Party
Rude Girl
Roots Dub
Aroma Dub
Empress Dub





Amanda Tallcot / The Fuze Magazine
Kevin Burke / KMB Photography / The Fuze Magazine


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