Voss’ Bar-B-Q

You might think, hot dogs? The answer is Voss’ Bar-B-Q, in Yorkville (Utica), New York. This little place that is only open part of the year (they close in winter) has been a fixture on Oriskany Boulevard for more than 70 years. My parents ate there as kids growing up in Utica, and over the years I had heard them speak of how memorable a Voss’ hot dog was.

Mom and Dad aren’t the type to speak reverently of food – especially something as simple as a hot dog, so I knew that there must be something to this. What I discovered when I finally had the chance to eat there, is there is no such thing as ‘simple’ when describing a Voss’ hot dog.

Family owned, and family run, Voss’ Bar-B-Q is a one of a kind place – an institution in Upstate New York. They offer many menu items, and several variations of hot dog meals, but all I wanted was the classic Voss’ hot dog on a bun grilled with butter, and the fries. I sat there at a picnic table on a pleasant late summer evening, as traffic rushed past just a few yards away, and enjoyed the best hot dog on the planet.

You can’t even call Voss’ a drive-in – it’s a ‘walk up’. If you’re lucky enough to find a parking spot in the small lot, you stand in line at the window and watch smiling people pick up their orders and hurry off as though they can’t wait to bite into their food. You may laugh at that, but by the time you reach the window, with the fabulous aromas emanating from within, you can’t wait to dig in.

A Voss’ hot dog is not just a hot dog – it’s a taste experience that will leave you wanting more.

Voss’ Bar-B-Q

Oriskany Boulevard

Yorkville, NY 13495

(315) 736-9760

2013 Larry Manch

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