Voodoo Terror Tribe – Album Review – The Sun is Shining Cold


Melodic.  Power driven.  Stimulating.  These are the words that kept coming to mind while listening to ‘The Sun is Shining Cold,’ the 3rd and latest full length album from New Jersey metal sensation Voodoo Terror Tribe.  The band has been described as thrash, progressive and power rock, however it’s Ill Nino vocalist Cristian Machado who branded the group as “haunted metal,” a title that seems to suit Voodoo Terror Tribe perfectly.  If anyone’s got a good understanding of the band it’s Machado, who not only produced their latest record, but guest stars on the epic track ‘Cell’ as well.  (The lyrical video of which can be found exclusively on Loud wire’s web site.)   Both Machado and the group promises that ‘The Sun…” is the band’s most sonically advanced release to date, a fact which is undeniably accurate given the overall fullness and quality of the album as a whole.

This impressive excellence can be particularly noted during songs such as “Under the Knife,” “No Hell Like Home,” and “City of Sixes,” a Motley Crue style head banger about fun and debauchery.   “City of Sixes” is also the first single off the album, and boasts a colorfully wicked video from director Scott Hansen (Motionless in White, Upon a Burning Body, Animals as Leaders) featuring sex, drugs, graffiti, and a bitchin’ solo from guitarist Emir Erkal.  Both the song and video will get you pumped, and had me pressing “replay” multiple times.  In fact, this record is chock full of adrenaline fueled pick me ups.  “Night Wolf,” one of the heaviest tracks, is a prime example of this.  An equal part Megadeth and Device, this song is a killer, and really allows each member of the band to flex their musical muscles.  This track could also easily be repurposed into a harmonizing impromptu live duet if the opportunity arrives.  (Ideally with a singer such as Lzzy Hale, whose range would complement Voodoo singer Gil PZ beautifully.)

Overall, Voodoo Terror Tribe has continued to grow and evolve as musicians, making ‘The Sun is Shining Cold’ arguably their best and most well rounded effort to date.  Erkal echoes this sentiment, promising fans that “this is an album full of surprises, with heavy guitars and crushing drums, but yet melodic and catchy tunes with layers of haunted, mysterious, electronic and industrial sounds, with mainly dark, twisted concepts… I can proudly say that without a doubt this is the best work that we, as Voodoo Terror Tribe, have ever done and can’t wait for everyone to hear!”


Voodoo Terror Tribe 4-1-1
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Kelly Mason / Fuze Magazine


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