Townhouse Warrior – Album Review – Words Unsaid


Townhouse Warrior is a group of young men who have formed an alternative punk band with penchant for writing songs that have great hooks and an energetic feel. Based in Syracuse, these four gentlemen have come onto the scene and taken, what some consider a stagnant genre and breathed new life into it. Their album, Words Unsaid is a prime example of what energy, youth and good writing can do to revitalize a genre that often gets overlooked in the local scene. With a lot hard work and perseverance Townhouse Warrior has become a coveted act in lineups all over New York State and beyond. Their brand of alternative punk and energetic style make Townhouse Warrior a popular live attraction, wherever they hit the stage.

Words Unsaid pulls out all the stops, hitting you with twelve tracks that will leave you wanting more. If you like alternative, new punk or 80’s punk, then this album is for you. Melodious, heavy guitar riffs over the top of perfectly “punked” drum and bass lines are the foundation for Words Unsaid and it all gets topped off with a stellar vocal performance. Tracks like “Fake Confrontations” and “So Left, It’s Right” will have you hooked with catchy guitar work, while others, such as “Toll Taker” and “Echoes” have that “in your face” punk feel which fans of this genre have always craved. Townhouse Warrior consists of four musicians at the top of their game with vocalist/guitarist Zack Fitzgerald, along with bassist Joshua Rivet, drummer Kyle Malfa and guitarist Tim Hall rounding out this powerhouse punk quartet.

Be sure to check out Townhouse Warrior at a venue near you – including their release party for Words Unsaid Saturday, May 5th, at Sharkey’s in Liverpool. Check for upcoming events on their Facebook page. You can also find the official music video for Far Away on the Townhouse Warrior Facebook page. Be sure to look for even more things to come from these guys and get your self a copy of Words Unsaid here.


Ted Snyder / The Fuze Magazine


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