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Don Felder was in his element when he opened the show at Lakeview Amphitheater recently. He was the guitarist for the Eagles for 27 years and co-wrote many of their hit songs. Felder and his band put on a phenomenal show, performing ten songs, eight of which were Eagles’ tunes. Starting with Already Gone and One of these Nights. The band consists of Shem Von Schreck with bass and vocals, Stevie Distanislao on drums and vocals, Timothy Drury plays keys and vocals, and Greg Suran does guitar and vocals. Felder name dropped other musicians between songs. Tommy Shaw from Styx joined Felder on stage with his Strat to play guitar and sing, Take it Easy. The excitement built during their impressive performance. We all knew what was coming – “Hotel California” and that iconic guitar solo. This was tremendous two minutes and the crowd roared with appreciation, a memorable set indeed.

Styx emerged next with lights flashing and an epic stairway from the back of the stage. I was struck by their performance! Tommy Shaw lead vocals and lead guitar and Lawrence Gowen vocals and keyboards were standout performers, in my opinion. The rest of the band, James “JY” Young on vocals and guitar, Todd Sucherman on drums and percussion, Ricky Phillips on bass guitar and vocals, and Chuck Panozzo on bass and vocals, were all excellent musicians. A few players in the band have been replaced over the years but I didn’t notice a flaw in their fantastic performance. Nothing short of excellent, Shaw and Gowen’s vocals were on point. They played a number of hits including “Come Sail Away,” “Renegade,” “Fooling Yourself,” “Light up,” “Too much Time on My Hands” and six others. Tommy Shaw is the band’s main front man with a rich clear tone and an impressive range, he is crazy talented. He started singing the song, Renegade acapella with band members joining him in delightful harmonies. The audience sang along, it was a moving moment. Shaw interacted with the audience as a musician who was comfortable in his own skin. Ricky Phillips wore a Syracuse Football jersey and cap while he shredded the bass. Lawrence Gowen, on keys and vocals, joined the band in 1999. As a classically trained pianist, he performed the Queen hit, “Bohemian Rhapsody” on keys. It was striking as he played completely solo bathed in spotlight with the rest of the stage dark. Drums opened “The Grand Illusion” and killed it. The sun set to “Radio Silence” and the crowd went wild to the finale “Come Sail Away,” where everyone put their cell phone lights up. The band had such a good time playing their music; everyone could sense the fun synergy through the air. They have a new album out, for the first time in 14years, titled The Mission, released June 16 of this year.

Known for their pop-rock hits, REO Speedwagon finished up the night with Kevin Cronin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Dave Amato on lead guitar and vocals, Bruce Hall on bass and vocals, Neil Doughty on keys, and Bryan Hitt on drums and percussion. Keyboardist Neal Doughty is the sole original member, although lead singer Kevin Cronin has been with the band since 1972. Fans were on their feet for the opener, “Don’t Let Him Go,” the first of 14 songs, including one new one, “Whipping Boy.” Fans were on their feet and singing along to “Keep on Loving You,” and thundered their applause as Cronin led the tune. With excellent musicianship and professionalism, REO conveyed a sense of fun and purpose. There is a certain kind of nostalgia that comes with watching bands that have been around for quite a while, their musical skills are honed. The whole show was recorded on AXS TV. At the very end of the show the Shriners group announced who won the raffle of a beautiful guitar, which helped raise funds for hospitals for children.


Don Felder Set list
Already Gone (Eagles song) / One of These Nights (Eagles song) / Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride) / Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young cover) / Witchy Woman (Eagles song) / The Long Run (Eagles song)  / Take It Easy (Eagles song) (with Tommy Shaw) / Heartache Tonight (Eagles song) / Life in the Fast Lane (Eagles song) / Hotel California (Eagles song)


Styx Set list
Gone Gone Gone / Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) / The Grand Illusion / Lady / Light Up / Radio Silence / Miss America / Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) / Too Much Time on My Hands / Khedive / Bohemian Rhapsody / Golden Slumbers / Come Sail Away


REO Set list
Don’t Let Him Go / Keep Pushin’ / Can’t Fight This Feeling / Tough Guys / Whipping Boy / That Ain’t Love / Take It on the Run / Like You Do / Time for Me to Fly / Back on the Road Again /  Ridin’ the Storm Out (Dedicated to Gary Richrath) / Keep On Loving You  / Roll With the Changes



Amanda Tallcot / The Fuze Magazine
Kevin Burke / KMB Photography / The Fuze Magazine


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