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A Monster Of A CD

Morph, the latest release from KrashKarma, displays a melodic hard hitting style that has not been heard from a duo, before. These two musicians have combined their talents for many years, but this album is by far their most powerful undertaking. Combining intoxicating vocals with her heavy drumming style, Niki Skistimas provides the foundation for KrashKarma. Ralf Dietel’s in your face vocals and grinding guitar (which if you’re wondering is equipped with a special pickup that simulates bass notes, as well) riffs fill out the other half of this monster duo. While they are only two people, their sound lacks absolutely nothing. The full and heavy sound of KrashKarma has never been more prevalent than on their latest release, Morph. KrashKarma has taken melodic metal and morphed it into their own unique style with this CD.

Right from the beginning, Morph is a punch in the face, hitting you with the powerful track “Wake Them Up” and it does just what the title says and never lets up. The soulful vocals of Niki on tracks like “Stranded” and “Mechanical Heart” set the mood and force you to let your guard down right before the angry grit of Ralf comes in and puts you back on your heels. To truly show their diversity, “Footsteps Of A Lemming” and “Children Of Never” are complete adrenaline right from the start. Truth be told, Morph has everything you could ever want from a metal album, from heartfelt ballads that will move your soul to heart-pounding metal that will move your body and everything in between. Be sure to pick up KrashKarma’s CD, Morph on their website and in stores or download Morph on iTunes. Check KrashKarma out at one of their many live shows, as they tour all over the US, this fall.


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Ted Snyder / The Fuze Magazine


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