Kane Brown melts hearts at Kegs


Kegs Canal Side recently hosted their first summer concert of 2017 in their outside venue with Country Swagg and Kane Brown. After several days of rain – it caused quite the havoc on the grounds at kegs, but that didn’t stop the hardcore fans. There were lots of mud; beer drinking and muddy bare feet that you could be seen throughout the night. Many people looked as if they had fun playing in the mud! You were able to spot a few fans waiting on the arrival of Kane Brown – as early as 8 a.m. with their umbrellas in hand; they claimed their spots in line.

Kane made his first appearance at Kegs and the fans were already anxious to see if he will come back again next year. Brown has quite the fan base following him in the Upstate NY area. The opening band was Country Swagg – their appearance is always a hit with fans that have come out to Kegs. I’m sure they gained “a few dozen” new fans while they were there. Swagg just has that addicting catch to them that will get ya hooked on their performance. The fans sang along with Country Swagg and Kane Brown – held up posters, waved their arms in the air. And gave Kane one hell of a welcoming entrance.


Set list – Kane Brown: Intro Walk On “Pull It Off” There Goes My Everything” Rockstars” “Learning” “Last Minute Late Night” “Better Place” “Chatahoochee” “Acoustic Cover 1,2,3” “Ain’t Stopping Us Now” “Found You” “Hometown” “Wide Open” “Mashup – Boyfriend Closer” “Thunder In The Rain” “Encore – Halsey Walk on” “Closer” What If’s” “Used To Love You Sober”




Roger Johnston / Captured Momentz Photography / The Fuze Magazine


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