Dogs or kids?



As I sit here going over notes for my next blog and snacking on chips, my dog, Bailey, sits at my feet with the look of a starving orphan on her face. If she were an English Bulldog, I’m sure I could hear her asking for more porridge in her best Oliver Twist voice. I can’t help, but wonder if I could’ve been better served by having a child.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A dog is loyal and will love you unconditionally. They will never ask you to wait in the parking lot at the mall or duck down into the back seat when you drive them by their friends. Children will get you tax write-offs, and are forced by moral standards to care for you when you’re old, but when was the last time your kid fetched your slippers? Your child will never pull your shoulder out of joint after seeing the neighborhood cat, when you go on a walk, but the law does frown on you tying your kid to a tree in the park, while you get ice cream. A son or daughter can give you grandchildren, but they get bored playing fetch after you throw the ball a few times. Rarely will you have to scold little Tommy for peeing on the floor, but little Tommy will not act like he just won the lottery you every time you come home from work.

In conclusion, I believe I made the correct choice. Bailey will never grow up to be rich and famous. She will never be a musician, actor, TV personality or even president. You may think that’s a bad thing, but I disagree. At least I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on acting classes, music lessons and college tuition to find that out. I’m sure my parents wish I had been born a Cocker-Spaniel.

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