Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Sponge Keeps On Rocking Us



If you happen to be a Sponge fan, you may already know that a lot has been going on with them lately, including but not limited to a tour and a recently successful Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund their upcoming album.  If you didn’t know, The Fuze is here to get you all updated!

This band is all about keeping things flexible, fluid and available to the people who want it, and that’s served them well over the years.  It was without question a personal “bucket list” moment to not only sit in the same room with Sponge but to also have a chance to speak with them and gain some perspective from their noteworthy longevity.  We’re glad to offer you a glimpse at some of the highlights, straight from The Stockyard in Liverpool, NY on April 25, 2014.

Melissa L. Walker
– The Fuze Magazine


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