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ap_oHoward and Amanda Potter have created something special that has become a “hot spot” for all your printing needs at A&P Master Images. If you are looking for a one of kind promotional item, company shirts for your next event, a sign made or even vehicle graphics – they have it all with several designs to choose from or they can create one for you. They have everything from screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, laser, rhinestone, vinyl and graphic design. A&P Master Images planted roots in Utica at their 205 Water St. location.

We would like to thank Howard Potter for taking the time to answer a few questions to let our readers to know more about A&P Master Images.


Fuze: How did you get your start in the printing business

Potter: While going to Proctor. I went to school for graphic design at BOCES back in high school, then from there to MVCC for Graphic design as well. After college I worked pouring metal at Revere Copper & Brass. I would go home and want to do work with design, but really had nothing to work on, so I started my own design business. Quickly I found out it would be hard to build a business just from design work alone. From there I started researching customizing all sorts of things from apparel and beyond. That is when I took an interest to sublimation and promotional items. I loved the fact that I could see my art work on an endless amount of products and apparel. So, I invested around 5k in sublimation equipment about 12 years ago, before anyone knew what it was. From there we built our company piece by piece.


Fuze: What made you chose Utica for your store location?

AP1_oPotter: My Company originated from my house in East Utica. I wanted to be closer to home for one, but the most important part was having it back in the city where it all started and the city I love. Another thing I love about the city for a business location is all of the access points to hit every main road fast. Makes it a lot easier if people need something delivered.






Fuze: Do you have graphics artists’ on site or do you have a catalog of images customers can choose from?

Potter: Out of 15 full time staff. 10 of us have design degrees.


Fuze: How long does it take to get a custom print done?

Potter: Depends on the process. Normal production time is 12 business days, but we take rush orders as fast as same day or next day production.


Fuze: What is one of your craziest designs so far?

Potter: Hard to say to be honest. It all depends on the process really. We have done some insane designs for David Correy who is a recording artist and has worked on a tour for Coca Cola. He also owns Urban Rock Records. We have created a whole clothing line for him. http://davidcorreymerch.bigcartel.com


AP4_oFuze: What are your thoughts on price vs. customer satisfaction?

Potter: Actually I think this question is missing one key component. Price, quality, turnaround, and customer service all go hand and hand. Our company is not only focused on keeping customers satisfied 110% of the time, but our staff as well. Our company is well known for going above and beyond to not only meet our customer’s needs, but to exceed them with the most options they could ask for. We also focus on using the best materials and staff to produce a higher level of product every time. In order to produce a top quality product. You need higher end materials which cost more money. With our staff, we offer health insurance and a retirement package along with giving yearly raises as our company grows. It is important that you not only take care of the customer, but the staff as well. Our company has always focused on producing a quality product that last, and is produced in a timely fashion to fit the client’s needs for a fair price based off of the cost to do business and industry standards. If you are always producing a top quality product for a fair price. Then your customer’s are not only satisfied, but happy to do business with you. If you really look at the industry as a whole. 90% of the companies are focused on being the cheapest. With that being said. How can you produce and high end product for your customer and take care of your staff at the same time? Another thought. How can you afford to expand your services to offer your customer’s more options? Everything has a cost/value associated with it. Know your customer’s and then you will know your business.


Fuze: What can people expect in the future? Is there going to be any new locations or adventures on the horizon?

Potter: We started offering vinyl graphics about a year and a half ago in house. Where were are producing car wraps, banners, posters, decals, magnets, floor graphics, signs, and more. We just purchased more land next to us, so we can put up a building next spring just for vinyl. This will allow us to grow with our customers, and hire more staff in the future to keep up with the demand.



AP3_o[symple_box color=”blue” text_align=”center” width=”” float=”none”]A&P Master Images
Location: 205 Water St., Utica, NY
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday
Phone: 315-793-1934
Web site: http://www.masteryourimage.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MasterYourImage/timeline[/symple_box]




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